Key Areas to Check During Building and Pest Inspection

Investing in a new home for your family to live in is a huge investment. Aside from the fact that it involves a huge amount of money, you want a secure place for your family to call home. Investing in pre-sales services for building and pest inspection North Brisbane has to offer is therefore important. This is an important step to ensure that your property is in top condition and is not vulnerable to pest infestation. This will also help to ensure that the value offered on the house is also the actual value that it is worth in the market.

Building and Pest Inspection North Brisbane

The contractors that offer the best building and pest inspection in North Brisbane know there are several key areas to check during the service. Below is a list of the areas that should not be neglected during the process of inspection.

Roofing and Drainage System

These two parts of the house are most exposed to damage due to weather conditions and pest infestation. Therefore, they should be thoroughly inspected as there are various parts where the damage might come from. From cracks or leaks on the roof shingles, to mold formation, and ineffective drainage system, all of these combine to damaging your roof. Some of these signs could be hard to detect at first until the problem develops into something bigger – by then it might already be too late to fix it!

In addition, the roof plays an important role in protecting your entire house. It protects your home from all of the elements – rain, sun and snow! Without a good roof system, your entire house could be vulnerable to damage!

Walls and Ceiling

When you hire a professional to perform building and pest inspection in North Brisbane, make sure they check into the walls and ceiling. Like your roof, the walls are integral to the foundation of the house. You have to protect your walls and ceiling from intruders (such as pests) and unstable weather conditions.

The ceiling is also crucial to controlling the temperature inside the house. Hence, you need to have them checked too. The contractors performing building and pest inspection North Brisbane has today can provide you with recommendations on what can be done to address issues found.


Your plumbing pipes should be in good condition to ensure that the flow of water inside the house is working efficiently. A good plumbing system is the heart of every home; without sufficient water flow, you won’t be able to perform basic household chores. Therefore, you have to get the contractors providing building and pest inspection North Brisbane has to offer to check into your plumbing lines before you move in. Check out 360 Building And Pest Inspections

Electrical Outlets

When you hire building inspectors, make sure they also have expertise on electrical systems. This will enable you to have the electrical outlets and components inside the house checked for safety. Majority of the causes of house fires involve faulty electrical wiring. Hence, for your convenience and safety, you need to have the electric outlets checked before you buy or move into the property.

Things to Keep in Mind When Restoring Heritage Homes

Australia has its fair share of heritage properties some of which date as far back as in the 1840s. The heritage homes in Australia can be quite diverse. It can be an imposing Georgian or Tudor style mansion to humble old abodes such as pine huts or even pugs. Whatever the size or style of the home, carrying out a heritage home restoration generally requires a great deal of passion, expertise as well as dedication to restoring the house to its former glory and making sure it is in excellent shape. You will need the best quality services such as Heritage Restoration Sydney by Mulberry Group to help restore your heritage homes to their former glory using high quality and exact materials, some of which date back to the old era.

If you love home restorations, then you have a large sample to work with thanks to Australia’s rich and colourful history as well as the diverseness of the country in terms of cultural and historical experience. Many of the old homes are colonial era types that can be transformed into beautiful and stately family homes with a professional hand.

Carrying out exact old house renovations is not always an easy task. It involves a lot of trials and tribulations and it is not always getting it right. But when completed well with professional help such as heritage restoration Sydney by Mulberry Group, the result can be nothing short of marvelous.

When carrying out heritage home renovations, there are various issues that you are likely to grapple with such as how available the materials are, the heritage of the building, the set of the rules that have been put in place by the local council as well as the budget for the heritage restorations amongst other considerations. Here are some useful tips that you need to keep in mind when it comes to planning, designing and restoring the Sydney heritage homes:

  • Before you buy a heritage home that you are planning to restore in the future, talk to the local authorities or council to determine if there are any restrictions regarding any modifications on the property. In case the property you are purchasing has been listed as a heritage building, you need to know about the implications of that status on your restorations projects.
  • Research well and learn about the history of the building such as the year in which it was built as well as building‘s original intended use. Researching this information can give you an insight into the period architecture of the time, the aesthetics of the time as well as the materials that were used in constructing the house.
  • Hire a trusted local heritage architect and building specialist. Heritage restoration Sydney by Mulberry Group are generally of top notch quality.
  • Ask around, do your research and make adequate planning for the restorations beforehand. You will need to get every fine detail about the former state of the building right in order for you to carry out a fairly successful heritage restoration on your property. You have to get the precise details. Don’t assume anything about the building.  Before the start of the construction work on the building, it is advisable to spend a considerable amount of time on planning.
  • In case you are looking for the right tradesperson that will carry out the heritage restorations on your property, the best place to ask are the owners or managers of other heritage-listed buildings in Sydney that have been recently restored.
  • When hiring a tradesperson, be diligent and ask to see their past portfolio of work which they had completed.
  • Check if the heritage building that you are planning to restore has any original building plans with the local council. If you can have the plans, you will have an idea of what the building originally looked like. You will also be able to compare easily with what you currently have. You can also look for any past pictures of the building for ease of comparison.
  • To get a good feel of the building, it is even advisable to live in the heritage  house for some time before you begin any restoration work on it. This way, you can give precise recommendations from the perspective of the owner.

This is a job that requires a great deal of patience and passion and is not something to be rushed over like gentrification projects.