Measurements to consider as you make an alloy wheel purchase

Many people decide to fit alloy wheels into their cars for many reasons. Some of them include the fact that they are light, attractive and are better at dissipating brake heat than steel wheels. There are two options of buying alloy wheels Melbourne shops sell. If you have the money, go all out with the new ones. However, if your budget is tight, you could still get a slick pair of alloys for your vehicle without having to break the bank.

Whether you are buying used or new alloy wheels, knowing the right measurements is the key. Below are some of the measurements that you should keep in mind while your purchase.

Centrebore – a centerbore is the hole that is usually in the middle of the wheel. They are normally the ones responsible for fitting the wheel on the hub at the center. This way the wheel is attached to the rest of the vehicle. Therefore, the measurements have to be accurate so that problems such as vibrations and others can be avoided.

Offset – this is the gap between the surface of the hub and the wheel centerline. Having the measurement will play a very crucial role in determining how the wheel will sit in relation to the whole vehicle. A negative offset will stick out past the vehicle while a positive offset will be contained under the vehicle. Most alloy wheels Melbourne shops sell have positive offsets for they become more responsive. oxwheels

Backspacing – the distance between the back of the mounting surface of the wheel to the rim’s edge is known as backspacing. Backspacing also affects the sitting of alloy wheels in Melbourne vehicles. A smaller backspacing will make a wheel to stick out while larger backspacing will make a wheel stay closer under the vehicle.

Bolt pattern – these are usually the specific arrangements of bolts in alloy wheels Melbourne vehicles have. Different vehicles have different patterns of bolts where the additional number of bolts differ along with the spacing between bolts. Manufacturers of the vehicles normally use the same pattern of bolts in all their vehicles.

Wheel diameter and width – when it comes to buying Melbourne alloy wheels for a vehicle, many buyers look to upgrade the size of their wheels. As you do this, of key importance should be that you ensure your vehicle can handle it. This is because sometimes if the wheel you have purchased has a very large width and diameter, it may rub against other parts of the vehicle, thus resulting into serious damage and safety issues to both the driver and other road users.

The appearance of a vehicle can be greatly transformed with a great set of alloy wheels. They not only add style but give personality as well to a vehicle that is stocked. Also, having a wheel upgrade can greatly increase the performance of your vehicle.  You can buy alloy wheels in Melbourne that have been previously used if you want an attractive set of wheels but still want to save money.

The next generation cars introduced by Skoda

Skoda, the popular car manufacturer from Czech, has been introducing versatile cars both in economy and sports models. Recently, the company has introduced the latest model of their flagship brand namely the Kodiaq. Apart from this, the company has also introduced the third generation of yet another popular model namely the ‘Octavia’. In fact, the company has recently completed production of one million units of Octavia model alone. Encouraged with the success of Kodiaq and Octavia, Skoda has now launched new versions of some of the other models of cars.  These cars are likely to hit the market very shortly. Apart from the performance, the success of Skoda car is also attributed to the effective network of Skoda services.

Fully equipped service centers:

Every authorized dealer of Skoda car has established exclusive service centers that meet the standards prescribed by the manufacturer of the car. In addition to marketing the car, the authorized centres of skoda services also undertake to repair and service every model of Skoda car. The service center is manned by sufficiently qualified, trained and experienced technicians. Normally, the service centers also provide ‘on road service’.

Skoda old cars:

The service centers also supply genuine spare parts for every model of Skoda cars. Every purchase of spare parts that you make from the service center comes with a money-back warranty. Further, the service centers market both old and new Skoda cars. Even the old cars that you buy come with an appropriate warranty.

Cars on display:

Apart from Octavia and Kodiaq, Skoda has also introduced various other popular models like the Fabia, Rapid, Skoda Superb and so on. The authorized dealers and centres for Skoda services display every model of Skoda cars. Further the sales crew will provide you with every technical and other detail of the car. Apart from this, you can also browse to know about the various models of Skoda cars and their specifications. Brisbane City Skoda

Car to your requirement:

If you are planning to buy skoda cars, you may contact the authorized dealers. The technical crew will assist you in buying a car after ascertaining your specific requirements for the car. Further, you can also go on a test ride of the model of the car that you are planning to buy. As you drive along, the technician will explain to you various other salient features of the car. This enables you to make a first hand assessment of the performance of the car.

Loan and insurance:

If you are in need of loan for buying the car, the dealer will introduce you to popular financial institutions so that you can get a loan at a favorable rate of interest. Similarly, the dealer will also assist you in insuring the car. For this purpose, on your behalf the authorized dealer will make all the necessary paper works as well. Further, these services would be available whether you buy old or new skoda cars.

Save money:

Some of the authorized dealers offer discounts when you buy new skoda cars. The discount may be in terms of cash, or in some cases, it may be in terms of free accessories or some other forms like the gift coupons. That would be a wonderful opportunity to save a considerable amount of money.

The Most Appealing Servicing Comforts for Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi as a company is highly responsive and active in the car market. Its services are quite commendable, since the company itself takes a front foot in recalling cars with any issues in every market invariably, whether it is the US or Australia. Recently, this year in June, Mitsubishi recalled almost 429, 981 units of Mitsubishi Outlander and Lancer. Though Mitsubishi lancer Brisbane dealers sell were not counted much in them, and the communication manager of Mitsubishi in Australia, John Taylor, assured that the impact of the recall has not moved the Australian market since it was the US market where maximum recalls were reported. However, it shows the company’s genuine concern to improve their services, offer extended arms to the consumers, by readily recalling the cars with issues to offer better service instead.

Mitsubishi Service Standard – The Diamond Advantage package

The Australian market is always considered to be a booming market for new Mitsubishi cars. Therefore, the company has exclusively designed the Diamond advantage service package for its consumers to privilege them with instant servicing solutions, insurance, on the go advantages which distinctively count as additional positive points for the manufacturer.

Comprehensive Warranty of 5 Years

This comprehensive warranty pack involves too overwhelming warranty offers directly on purchase. The first one being the 5 year or 100,000kms whichever comes first warranty on purchase of a new car. The next one is the additional Mitsubishi car service specials Brisbane dealers offer along with 5 years perforating warranty.

Capped price servicing

The Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane dealers sell along with Ralliart have exceptional regular servicing price capped with every scheduled servicing interval after 6 months or 5000kms. On the other hand, the other Mitsubishi cars are regularly serviced after every 12 months or 15, 000kms in the first 4 years after purchase. This is an exclusive feature of the Australian Mitsubishi servicing schemes offered to the consumers.

Complete Assistance

You can additionally extend or renew service assistance for a used Mitsubishi pajero but for new cars, you get a complete 1 year roadside assistance while you are on the drive. This means whenever you find any disturbance or issue, you can stop by a Mitsubishi service center on your way to get a checkup done. Not only this, there is the customer assistance center which is always there for you to resolve your doubts and answer your queries.

Genuine Servicing

Throughout Australia, Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane dealers sell or other Mitsubishi manufactured cars are known for having the relentless assistance of top notch professional care from genuine Mitsubishi servicing experts. The best part is that the Diamond advantage pack offers the consumers with a lucrative deal to have extended 4 years complete hassle free drive with Mitsubishi, with company taking complete assistance responsibility.

In Australia, when you think of buying a budget luxury SUV or Sedan, Mitsubishi can be one of the most lucrative deals in the market. Owning a car comes with added hassles of car maintenance, on road services, regular servicing, etc. However, with genuine Mitsubishi services you can stay relaxed and drive and stay assured that every Mitsubishi service centre will take minimal time for servicing your car at market competitive rate. Toowong Mitsubishi

Advantages of Being an Uber Driver

One of the ways by which you can become your own boss is by joining the Uber fleet as a driver. Even so, Uber driving has its benefits and downsides. Upon weighing both sides, you may find that the benefits of being an Uber driver outweigh the downsides. For instance, reliable car rentals such as Keyz Uber exist to recruit drivers even if you have no car but willing to be an Uber driver.

Keyz Uber

Here are some of the major advantages of being a Keyz Uber driver.

 You enjoy flexibility

As an Uber car rental driver, you are your own boss. This implies you set your own schedules and determine how much you earn. Besides, with the phone application at your fingertips, you can switch it on or off as you wish. Quite different from the experience in formal employment sectors, where you have to sign in and out each time you arrive or leave, Uber option gives you a flexible schedule to suit your operations.

No supervision

As a registered Keyz Uber driver, you operate on your own prerogative to do what you please and when. In simple terms, there is no bossing around of drivers in Uber. All the same, a manager exists for all drivers and each driver is required to maintain a given set of rating in order to maintain the contract.

Opportunity to meet new people

Since you pick and drop passengers from various places, you have the chance to make new friends and visit new places. People use Uber in different places for different reasons. When you meet new people of different ages in different places, you create great opportunities for social interaction. Besides, as you drive people to various destinations, you will become more aware of the corridors of your city. You discover places you did not know and know of events you never knew existed.

You can listen to music or news as you work

This privilege is rare in many workplaces. However, as an Uber driver, you can listen to news or your favorite music while on the job. This motivates drivers even more, to remain committed as they work in a comfortable environment. Besides, your drivers appreciate your services and this gives you the motivation to feel confident in the community.

In addition to the advantages mentioned, there are downsides that come with Uber driving. You need to look at both sides before you include your name on Uber car list of drivers. Here are common cons to the job:

Little recognition from the boss: since most of the time you operate in the field, picking and dropping passengers, you have little contact with the main office.

Little contact with fellow drivers: Uber does not allow drivers to contact each other. While sometimes it’s better to work solo, working as a group also has its share of advantages.

Slow wages: sometimes you may want a steady workflow, yet it takes time to pick up. This can put you in low spirits as a driver because the amount of money you earn depends on how much you work. And who doesn’t want much money? Therefore, consider Uber finance aspect before you register.

Look for great cars and versatile LDVs during 2017 from Citroen

If you are looking for an affordable van to transport materials, you may consider any of the exclusively designed light-duty vehicles like the Berlingo. As you know, while transporting the materials from one place to another, safety of the cargo plays a very important role that needs to be carefully considered. Therefore, the ideal solution would be to look for closed-in cargo carriers like the Citroen Berlingo. According to Cars Guide, during the last one year, sales of this type of vehicles have grown by about 17/5%!

Citroen Berlingo

Popular midsized LDV:

This highlights the popularity of Citroen Berlingo as an ideal LDV. Actually, this is a midsized LDV or commercial vehicle and in fact, many of the distributors use this vehicle as a delivery carrier. As compared with other types of LDVs, Citroen has gained popularity because of its affordable price tag, efficient running and various other exclusive features that are provided in it.

Salient features of Citroen LDV:

The Citroen Berlingo is provided with 1.6-liter Turbo diesel engine with five-speed automatic transmission. The van has a fuel tank with capacity of 60 liters. To ensure comfort in driving, the van is provided with tilt and telescoping steering wheel. Power mirror, power windows, rear wing doors, sliding doors are some of the other exclusive Citroen Berlingo specials. The van with its fuel consumption of 5.8 Litres/100 kms is regarded as one of the fuel-efficient  vans of its class. The van is provided with air bags and anti-lock breaking utilities.

New version of Citroen C3:

Like any other brand in the automobile industry, innovations and constant improvements have been the hallmark of Citroen vehicles. True to this tradition, Citroen has launched its new Citroen c3, which is expected to be available for customers in 2017. This new version of Citroen is brought out in association with Peugeot. Actually, Citroen C3 is a five door hatchback car ideal for a small family of five.

Elegant exteriors:

The car is provided with 1.6 litres turbo engine, which is estimated to produce 74 bhp. In fact, C3 has stunning external appearance.

Some of the salient exterior features of new Citroen cars include a contrasting color roof, two-tier front light headlamps, and scratch proof protective air bumps at the lower level of the doors.

Comfortable interiors:

As far as the interior of Citroen C3 is concerned, it is provided with a seven-inch touch screen, infotainment system compatible with Android and AppleCarplay.  Air conditioner, enough boot space and large luggage space are the other salient features of this car. In addition to these, C3 is also provided with forward facing 2-MP GPS enabled camera, which is mounted in the rear-view mirror.

New version of Citroen LDV:

Apart from this new version of passenger car, Citroen is also likely to launch its new version of LDVs.  This new carriage van is also likely to be released in 2017. Some of the salient features of the new version of LDV from Citroen are improved upholstery, higher fuel economy, lesser noise and added safety features. Both the passenger car and the LDV have an affordable price tag. With the launch of these two vehicles, 2017 would be a year of great expectations for automobile enthusiasts.

Choosing the Right Wyong Locksmith Services: Tips

How do you go about picking the right locksmith to take care of your security needs? Before you opt for any particular service, of course you will have to invest some efforts in researching the best options that are currently available in the marketplace. But it doesn’t stop with the research when you are shopping for the best Wyong locksmith services.

The right locksmith for your needs should also be one that is highly responsive in order to turn up faster when you are grappling with emergencies such as being locked out of your vehicle.  Here are some important tips that you can put into consideration when you are shopping for the best locksmith in Wyong or wherever you are, for that matter:

Be on guard and go for the reputation

When you are shopping for the best locksmith service for your needs, it is important to go for the reputation first. Good reputation always assures you of a quality service ahead.  Ensure that the locksmith service is licensed and that they are carrying a pocket version of that license whenever they come to provide services in your premises.

Look for Wyong locksmiths credentials

What are the credentials for Wyong locksmith company that you wish to work with? How long have they been in the industry? What projects have they undertaken in the recent years?  Are they qualified and certified to carry out the locksmith servicing and repair operations.

One way to determine if you are dealing with a genuine and reputable company is by checking out the trade and professional associations that they belong to. Normally, these would be the locksmith’s associations and unions. They provide a good quality guarantee that you are working with a service provider that adheres to best practice when it comes to locksmith services.

Read the reviews

The reviews and comments offer some of the best ways of determining whether a particular locksmith in Wyong is offering top quality services. They can indicate the measure of customer satisfaction with the particular locksmith’s services.

It is important to trust your locksmith since you will be entrusting them with your security when you contract them for the locksmith related projects. You therefore need to do a thorough background check so as evaluate their track record on some of the tasks that they have undertaken in the past. This will come out clearly through the various client reviews and testimonials regarding the best Wyong locksmith services.

Central Physical Location

Do they have a physical shop where you can pay them a visit? How professional are their staff? Are they easily accessible? You need a locksmith that you can easily trust by virtue of their physical location in Wyong. You also need a service provider that you can get in touch with easily in case of emergencies.

ACL Locksmiths offers one of the most reliable locksmith services in Wyong with professional staff that is well trained and experienced in handling all your security lock needs.

Based on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia, the locksmith company has been serving this area for the past quarter of a decade. It also offers diverse locksmith solutions in various areas including the commercial, residential and automotive locksmith applications. Visit to find Wyong locksmith services that will meet your particular security needs.