Look for great cars and versatile LDVs during 2017 from Citroen

If you are looking for an affordable van to transport materials, you may consider any of the exclusively designed light-duty vehicles like the Berlingo. As you know, while transporting the materials from one place to another, safety of the cargo plays a very important role that needs to be carefully considered. Therefore, the ideal solution would be to look for closed-in cargo carriers like the Citroen Berlingo. According to Cars Guide, during the last one year, sales of this type of vehicles have grown by about 17/5%!

Citroen Berlingo

Popular midsized LDV:

This highlights the popularity of Citroen Berlingo as an ideal LDV. Actually, this is a midsized LDV or commercial vehicle and in fact, many of the distributors use this vehicle as a delivery carrier. As compared with other types of LDVs, Citroen has gained popularity because of its affordable price tag, efficient running and various other exclusive features that are provided in it.

Salient features of Citroen LDV:

The Citroen Berlingo is provided with 1.6-liter Turbo diesel engine with five-speed automatic transmission. The van has a fuel tank with capacity of 60 liters. To ensure comfort in driving, the van is provided with tilt and telescoping steering wheel. Power mirror, power windows, rear wing doors, sliding doors are some of the other exclusive Citroen Berlingo specials. The van with its fuel consumption of 5.8 Litres/100 kms is regarded as one of the fuel-efficient  vans of its class. The van is provided with air bags and anti-lock breaking utilities.

New version of Citroen C3:

Like any other brand in the automobile industry, innovations and constant improvements have been the hallmark of Citroen vehicles. True to this tradition, Citroen has launched its new Citroen c3, which is expected to be available for customers in 2017. This new version of Citroen is brought out in association with Peugeot. Actually, Citroen C3 is a five door hatchback car ideal for a small family of five.

Elegant exteriors:

The car is provided with 1.6 litres turbo engine, which is estimated to produce 74 bhp. In fact, C3 has stunning external appearance.

Some of the salient exterior features of new Citroen cars include a contrasting color roof, two-tier front light headlamps, and scratch proof protective air bumps at the lower level of the doors.

Comfortable interiors:

As far as the interior of Citroen C3 is concerned, it is provided with a seven-inch touch screen, infotainment system compatible with Android and AppleCarplay.  Air conditioner, enough boot space and large luggage space are the other salient features of this car. In addition to these, C3 is also provided with forward facing 2-MP GPS enabled camera, which is mounted in the rear-view mirror.

New version of Citroen LDV:

Apart from this new version of passenger car, Citroen is also likely to launch its new version of LDVs.  This new carriage van is also likely to be released in 2017. Some of the salient features of the new version of LDV from Citroen are improved upholstery, higher fuel economy, lesser noise and added safety features. Both the passenger car and the LDV have an affordable price tag. With the launch of these two vehicles, 2017 would be a year of great expectations for automobile enthusiasts.